Scientific & Technical Program

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The overall theme of the AGCC 2018, BIG ISSUES AND IDEAS IN GEOSCIENCE, will be a key differentiator from other conferences. It will offer the opportunity to examine and consider some of the emerging issues that affect all geoscientists and society at large. These topics will attract attention from industry, government and academia, and they will create opportunities for non-geoscientists to engage and participate in Adelaide. This approach is strongly aligned with the AGC’s vision to ‘raise the profile of Geoscience to be pre-eminent in Australia’. We also hope to expose delegates to ideas they would not normally engage with in routine technical talks, and to attract geoscientists and others who don’t normally attend our various Member Organisations conferences and events.

The scientific program for the AGCC 2018 will take place over four days (Monday 15 to Thursday 18 October 2018), with Tuesday specifically dedicated to the overall Convention theme. Workshops and field trips will be held both before and after the Convention.

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Overall Program

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