Exhibitor Loyalty Plan

The AGCC 2018 Organising Committee has adopted a loyalty program for exhibitors, effective as of AGCC 2022.

Successive AGCC organising committees can allocate booth spaces based on a points system whereby previous exhibitors and conference sponsors get higher priority than other exhibitors. These companies are asked to select a number of booth options and are provided with a booth (or booths) on the basis of their point score. Companies with no prior AGCC engagement must wait until the companies with priority complete their selection.

To take advantage of this opportunity in 2022 and thereafter:

1. Applications for GeoEXPO bookings must be received before the deadline date which is 90 days after the issuing of invitations on the AGCC website. The allocation of booths will be notified to exhibitors within 14 days of the deadline date.

2. The exhibitor will nominate three preferences for full rate GeoEXPO booth locations (i.e. not a form of discounted booth or more booths if desired).

3. The exhibitor will pay 100% of the booth costs within the time period specified by the Organising Committee, which may also set a deposit level to be paid at the time of application.

4. For AGCC events from 2022 onwards, the preference for booths where there are conflicting applications, will be based on:

a) For 2022 only, first priority is given to those exhibitors at GeoEXPO 2018 in Adelaide who were designated as “2018 early adopters” when they paid for a full price exhibition booth at the GeoEXPO 2018 (i.e. not a form of discounted booth) prior to 31st May 2018.

b) From 2026 onwards, first priority will be based on the number of times each party has been an exhibitor at all prior AGCC events from 2018 onwards; and

c)Then on the order of receipt of applications before the deadline date.

The “2018 early adopter” arrangement will be formalised by a certificate of attendance in 2018. The Australian Geoscience Council would guarantee that the organising committee of AGCC 2022 will honour the arrangement delivered in 2018.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact

Jess Tuffley
Industry & Event Specialist
Carillon Conference Management Pty Limited
T: + 61 7 3368 2644
E: sponsor@ccm.com.au