Creche Facilities

We want to make AGCC 2018 as accessible as possible to all Geoscientists, including those with young children and who may need assistance with their care. With the generous sponsorship of NExUS (National Exploration Undercover School), a crèche will be set up at the Adelaide Convention Centre in support of Convention delegates for the duration of AGCC 2018.

The facility was operated and managed independently by Hessel Group

​Additional details: for ages 0 – 6 years (or older after discussion and agreement with organisers), provide own snacks, lunch and drink bottle; breastfeeding friendly; Private – available to AGCC 2018 delegates, trade and staff only (may be open to those attending
workshops, please contact for more information).

If you’d like to use this service, please register with Hessel Group directly no later than Monday 1 October. Places are on a first come-first served basis, but parents who submitted an EOI
form will be contacted individually and given priority on confirmation of details.