Big Issues & Ideas in Geoscience Day

Tuesday 16 October 2018 is set aside in the program for consideration of four Big Issues identified for this Convention.

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Our objective is to focus on four specific Big Issues where Geoscience interacts with society. There will be presentations and arguments representing all views on these very topical issues. A great line-up of speakers led by well-known convenors (see below) will help explore the issues, seek input from the audience and help develop strategies to move forward. These strategies will be the Ideas that we are seeking to develop and take to Government, our colleagues and the community.

The day will feature two concurrent summits in the morning and two in the afternoon. Each summit will be introduced and moderated by the convenor. The issues addressed are closely aligned with symposia in the scientific program and are intended to promote discussion and debate. The four summits and convenors are listed below, together with the confirmed speakers for each summit.

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